Business Mentoring

The Learning Ladder are experts in implementing Mentoring Programmes within your business. We want to help you further develop a passionate culture that encourages succession planning, raising aspirations and true personal development.

The Learning Ladder has been designing, developing, establishing and embedding mentoring projects for more than 20 years and is a nationally recognised mentoring organisation. Our Mentoring Programmes can be tailor made to meet unique business needs. Examples of these are:

  • Personal Development Mentoring
  • Specialist Technical Mentoring
  • Graduate Mentoring
  • Apprentice Mentoring
  • Advising on setting up, running & evaluating in-house mentoring programmes

We have the experience and the tools to deliver across a wide range of business sectors and provide both Mentor and Mentee Training, ensuring that both parties get the most out of such a valuable opportunity.

All of this, coupled with our ongoing telephone and email support, help to embed a self-sustaining Mentoring programme that will add value to any organisation.

The following links will take you to our Mentoring Programmes:

Personal Mentoring

Personal Productivity

Mentoring Projects

Mentors (members only)

Mentees (members only)