IT Training

Social Media – An overview course for those who want to start tweeting etc, but don’t have the technical know-how to get started. It will cover how to get yourself setup and how to link the various programs together to save you time.

Iphone – Applications and setting up your iPhone to compliment your business. E-mail set up, calendar and contact synchronisation, Time Management apps.

Photo – Using free software to tidy up your photos by removing red eye, changing the brightness, cropping, compress pictures for sharing by e-mail or using online.

Photoshop – Photoshop essentials, The characteristics of a Photoshop file, Setting basic image characteristics, Correcting an image, Defining selections, Retouching techniques, Working with paint and colour, Working with layers, Creative techniques using layers, Shape and text layers, Special effects with filters, Printing and optimising documents.

Introductory Excel – Getting Started, Modifying An Existing Worksheet, Building A New Worksheet, Editing A Worksheet, Formatting A Worksheet, Enhancing A Worksheet, Printout, Using Excel Functions.

Intermediate Excel – Intermediate Editing And Formatting Techniques, Using Absolute Cell References, Using Logical Functions, Using Financial Functions, Using Date/Time Functions, Creating A Chart, Working With A List, Linking Worksheets Within A Workbook, Controlling The Worksheet Display, Adding Pictures And Diagrams To Worksheets, Additional Intermediate Excel Features.

Advanced Excel – Advanced Data Entry And Formatting Techniques, Naming Ranges, Using Advanced Functions, Creating A Custom Workbook Template, Auditing A Worksheet, Linking Multiple Workbooks, Filtering And Summarizing Worksheet Data, Analyzing Worksheet Data, Importing And Exporting Data, Working With Other Excel Users.

Publisher – Getting Started, Creating a letterhead, Creating a flyer, Creating a newsletter, Working with shapes, Setting up a table/using WordArt, Creating a web site, Additional Publisher features.

Introductory Word – Getting Started, Creating A Document, Editing A Document Formatting A Document Using Word’s Writing Tools, Additional Word Features.

Intermediate Word – Intermediate Editing And Formatting Techniques, Setting Up A Table, Setting Up Multiple-Column Documents, Creating Charts And Diagrams, Using Styles, Setting Up An Outline Document, Producing A Report, Collaborating With Other Word Users, Additional Intermediate Word Features.

Advanced Word – Advanced Editing And Formatting Techniques, Working With Tables, Working With Pictures And Charts, Working With Multiple-Page Documents, Performing A Mail Merge, Creating A Word Form, Creating Web Pages, Creating An Xml Document, Customizing Word, Using Macros, Additional Advanced Word Features.

Introductory Access – Getting Started, Setting Up A New Database, Creating A Form / Modifying And Manipulating Data, Displaying Selected Data, Creating A Report, Additional Access Features.

Intermediate Access – Modifying The Design Of A Table, Working With Multiple Tables, Relating Tables, Working With A Custom Form, Intermediate Query Techniques, Intermediate Report Techniques, Working With A Data Access Page, Additional Intermediate Access Features.

Advanced Access – Advanced Table Design Techniques, Advanced Form Techniques, Advanced Filter And Query Techniques, Advanced Report Techniques, Working With Macros And Modules, Using Tools Menu Options, Additional Advanced Access Features.

Introductory Outlook – Getting Started, Sending And Receiving Mail Messages, Manipulating And Managing Mail Messages, Setting Up Appointments, Setting Up Meetings, Creating A Contact List, Creating A Task List, Maintaining A Journal, Using The Notes Folder.

Intermediate Outlook – Working In The Inbox Folder, Working In The Calendar Folder, Working In The Contacts Folder, Working In The Tasks Folder, Working In The Notes Folder, Using Instant Messaging, Additional Intermediate Outlook Features.

Business Contact Manager for Outlook – Managing your customers, Introduction, Creating Contacts and accounts, Creating opportunities, Creating tasks, Creating Marketing Campaigns, Tracking your sales pipeline, Creating and Tracking Projects.

Introductory Powerpoint – Getting Started, Creating Text Slides, Using The Drawing Toolbar, Creating A Powerpoint Table, Creating A Powerpoint Chart, Including Clip Art In A Presentation, Using Design Templates, Creating Speaker Notes, Producing A Slide Show, Additional Powerpoint Features.

Intermediate/ Advanced Powerpoint – Using Data From Other Applications, Creating An Organization Chart, Adding Special Effects To Text, Working With Autoshapes, Including Sounds And Movies In A Presentation, Intermediate Slide Show Techniques, Working With Other Powerpoint Users, Additional Intermediate Powerpoint Features.

Although we will be happy to run a training course for up to 12 people at your premises, we have found that in-house 1-1s and small groups are the most effective.

Why not try our ‘Lunchtime Bytes’, where our tutor will visit you for an hour (or more) and teach you a specific skill within a software package? For example, an hour lesson on Pivot tables within Excel, or using the calendar function in Outlook. Contact us for more details.