Sales & Marketing

How to Win at Selling

This two-day course is designed for staff who are new to external sales, providing the selling skills and techniques they will need to win sales.

You learn how to:-

  • Be confident and assertive with customers
  • Structure a sale and planning
  • Write successful quotes and proposals
  • Sell the benefits
  • Prevent and deal with objections
  • Negotiate to win
  • Forecast, monitor and evaluate

Leading a Sales Team

This one-day course allows managers to explore the key areas for managing and motivating sales teams.

You learn how to:-

  • Retain you best sales staff
  • Motivate your team to increase success
  • Measure success
  • Deal with under achievers
  • Implement strategic plans and campaigns
  • Develop and mentor your team

Marketing for Non-Marketing Managers

Whatever business you are in and whatever the current issues are, it is essential to know the key drivers of your market and the changing needs of your customers.


  • Become more customer and market focused which will increase your customer base.
  • Combat the competition without giving discounts to increase your profit margins.
  • Customer Relationship Management which will increase customer loyalty and make people want to buy more.

Negotiating Skills

This one-day course gives you the skills you need to win negotiations. Using practical and powerful communications skills and a sequence of activities you can get what you want without losing the customer.

You learn how to:-

  • Successfully use the 4 phases of negotiation
  • See the other person’s perspective
  • Prevent and handle objections
  • Influence others
  • Use tactics and countermeasures

Presenting the Pitch – Masterclass

Most business proposals are lost at the presentation/meeting stage because of a lack of preparation by the presenters, an inability to engage with the ‘audience’ and the lack of confidence of the presenters.


This practical ‘hands on’ workshop use a master-class format allowing participants to both develop and apply the advanced communication skills that will enable them to present themselves, their products and their business with greater impact and presence, and, at the same time, hone their existing vocal and non-verbal communication skills into an incisive business tool. During the workshop participants will rehearse and develop individual business presentations relating to their work, and at the same time receive intensive individual and group coaching in voice, body language, and presentation skills to enhance their overall performance.


  • To identify the advanced skills and techniques you need to communicate and present in an effective and professional manner
  • To explore how to use your vocal and non-verbal communication with maximum impact and presence.
  • To recognise the importance of using role and intention to support your communication and develop authenticity
  • To receive a high degree of individual coaching with feedback to critically assess and enhance your personal communication style

Sales Awareness

This one-day course is for non-sales staff whose customer contact can assist in the selling process by spotting opportunities and knowing how to deal with them.

You learn how to:-

  • Understand customer expectations
  • Recognise opportunities
  • Identify how they fit into the selling cycle
  • Maximise your contribution to the company’s overall selling success
  • Help turn opportunities into sales

Telephone Sales

A one-day course guaranteed to enhance skills that will increase sales. This course shows you how your company can excel above your competitors and enable your staff to feel confident when selling.

You learn how to:-

  • Develop relationships with new and existing customers
  • Confidently use the telephone to sell a product or service
  • Become an excellent ambassador for your company