Personal Mentoring

small_henry_ford_can_cantWhether people are looking for promotion or a change in career – we can help.

What makes us unique is that we will provide a personalised information pack and progression plan that gives you detailed information on how to achieve your goals. Ongoing support is also available. Some of our previous successes include: graduating from university, being promoted to company director and starting a successful business.

The mentoring involves:

  • An initial meeting between you and your mentor to develop a personal development plan
  • An information pack and progression plan which is tailored just for you
  • A follow-up meeting with your mentor to help you fully understand the information provided and to help you develop an action plan

Once this is complete, you will become part of the mentee network.

You will gain a fully developed personal development plan, a personalised information pack, a realistic plan and a personal resource to help you achieve your goals and keep you on track.

The price for this package is £300 + VAT.

Ongoing support is available.

We can help accelerate your progression with personal development mentoring.

Progression can include becoming an approved mentor, where we will provide all the training and support needed.

We received this from a previous mentor:

“Karyn – Hello, I was one of your mentors at Oxfordshire County Council. The reason I am emailing is that I wanted to bring you up to speed on my goals and aspirations from my first meeting with you in 2006. Within 4 years I have sorted out my finances, rented my house out (due to be put on the market next year) and we will be moving to Cyprus in January 2011 after buying a property there earlier this year. Remember how we spoke about completing what we have written down as it is a physical copy – and you are right, it has always been on my mind and now we are off and running. I am even applying for a role within a holiday company, but not necessarily a rep! How about that then? I hope you and your business are doing well and thank you for sowing those very precious seeds in the first place.

Kind regards
Jane Stubbs, Business Manager, Adult Safeguards Unit, Essex County Council.”

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