Advanced Presentation Skills

This one-day course is for experienced presenters who want to enhance their skills and create a more professional impact.

You learn how to:-

  • Plan and prepare different types of business presentations
  • Get your message across and make it more memorable
  • Easily deal with challenging people and difficult situations
  • Use tips and techniques to create a professional impact
  • Squash those pre-presentation nerves

Basic Presentation Skills

This two-day course is highly practical, focusing on what works. It is designed for all staff who need to give presentations, whether to two people or to two hundred. If you need to make a convincing case to key decision-makers or colleagues, or make persuasive presentations to achieve new business growth, this course is for you!

You learn how to:-

  • Improve your confidence when giving presentations
  • Make your presentations more memorable
  • Communicate with your audience and keep them on the edges of their seats
  • Use many highly effective techniques to make your presentation professional

The course includes opportunities to practice new skills and receive feedback, together with a video of your own presentation.

“The course has given me the confidence I needed.”

Dress to Impress

This course will show you how easy it is to look healthy, younger and vibrant. By looking confident you will quickly start to feel confident – just watch those compliments start rolling in …


  • The importance of appearance – you are your shop window
  • Identifying colours and styles that make you look good
  • Selecting the correct clothes for interviews, meetings and sales visits
  • Extra tips on accessories and grooming
  • The essential qualities of body language
  • Completing and maintaining the image
  • Creating a businesses wardrobe
  • Tips on cost effective shopping

Presentations Using Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is an excellent software package that adds momentum to any presentation. On this one-day course you learn how to produce a range of professional presentations, which will have an instant impact on your audience.

You learn how to:-

  • Prepare and structure your presentation
  • Use the best visual aids
  • Communicate your message in the clearest possible way
  • Use graphics, logos, text effects, fonts, graphs and charts
  • Design professional looking templates for your presentations
  • Produce slides, notes and handouts

“The tutor was excellent and easy to follow.”

Public Speaking and Presentations


  • Self awareness – Understand why and how you communicate with others
  • Voice power – Understand how your voice works and develop it so that it is strong, healthy and resonant
  • Performance breathing – Use breathing to enhance your ability to communicate
  • Body talk – Use your body to support the meaning of your communication
  • Radar sense – Use all your senses to listen effectively to others
  • Response-ability – Use the connection between mind, body and emotions to respond rather than react to what is going on around you
  • Relaxed energy – Use appropriate energy for the task in hand – Reduce the energy you lose through stress
  • Directed performance – Develop an understanding of each role and situation – Ensure you communicate with credibility and conviction

Train the Trainer

Learning Outcomes: (by the end of the course delegates will have)

  • Identified the various strategies for assessing participants prior to a training course.
  • The ability to explain the importance of learners being in a receptive state at the start of training.
  • Developed a lesson using a lesson plan. Designed a group activity to make their training participative.
  • Completed a learning styles questionnaire and planned how they will now adapt their lessons to capture all of the learning styles.
  • Understood how the brain works when we learn and listed strategies they can use to improve learning.
  • Considered techniques that will reinforce learning.
  • Evaluated learning by carrying out a self assessment.