Communication and Personal Development


Be more effective, get more of what you want on your terms, without compromising others.
This one-day course is for staff who need to improve their confidence and want to achieve win-win outcomes on a consistent basis.

You learn how to:-

  • Be more effective when dealing with colleagues, customers and suppliers
  • Get more of what you want – on your terms
  • Feel better about yourself, be more confident and enhance your performance
  • Handle problems more effectively
  • Communicate more clearly

Body Language for Powerful Communication

Body language is a key aspect of non verbal communication and involves cues and signals such as facial expressions, gestures, body posture and eye movement.

1 Day Course


1) Why is Body language important in negotiations
2) 6 Key areas – How to understand others and control your impact
3) Major Patterns – How to read and respond
4) Influencing Skills – How to use Subconscious persuasion
5) Power moves – dominance and submission
6) Lie detection

Topics covered include Eye Contact/Patterns, Facial Gestures, Torso and Arm Behaviour, Leg Activity, Positive and negative indicators

Business Writing Skills

This one-day course improves written communications skills, enhancing the company’s image at the same time. It is of great benefit for all staff who need to produce letters to send to customers or suppliers, sales proposals, memos and emails.

You learn how to:-

  • Enhance your business image by writing professionally
  • Structure your letters quickly and easily
  • Feel confident that your message is both persuasive and business-like
  • Impress your customers and colleagues with your clear style

Customer Care Excellence

In an ever more competitive world, winning customers is getting tougher.

This makes it even more important to look after the customers you have, make sure they have a good experience with you, come back again and turn into ambassadors for you.

Here’s a chance to learn how, by attending our popular customer care seminar.

You will:-

  • understand what excellent customer service is and the benefits to customers, employees and their company
  • know how to turn each contact the customer has with the company into a positive experience
  • be able to use assertive behaviour to provide excellent customer service
  • Identify immediate actions that can be taken to improve customer service

Customer Service

Delivering excellent customer service ensures repeat business and improves customer loyalty. This one-day course is essential training for all staff who have contact with customers, whether it’s face-to-face or by telephone.

You learn how to:-

  • Develop ‘people’ skills that improve customer relations
  • Deal with difficult situations professionally
  • Understand customer’s expectations
  • Handle complaints efficiently
  • Improve communications skills
  • Develop a positive mental attitude

Fast Track Persuasion and Influence

1 Day Course


1) The 7 Triggers of Persuasion
2) The 4 Step Approach to Strategic Persuasion
3) Major Patterns – How to read and respond
4) Rapport-Deep and Wide
5) Aids to persuasion -Body Language, Sales Techniques, Communication skill or Rhetoric
6) The 3 Modes of Persuasion

Hypnosis for Powerful Communication

Hypnosis for personal change, designed to create a more rich, rewarding and happy place for you and everyone around you. This course will teach you how to develop the right state of mind. How to use hypnotic principles when choosing your words and framing your ideas. The techniques on this course will increase your ability on Persuasion and Influence.

5 Day Course


1) History
2) Stage Hypnosis – The Truth about Stage Hypnosis: An Insider’s Secrets
3) Foundations of Hypnotic Language
4) Signal Recognition System.
5) The Authority Strategy-Tactics to ensure success
6) Emotional Triggers- Controlling inner pictures and feelings
7) Beyond Rapport…Matching and Mirroring, 6 Most Common Mistakes, Hypnotic Rapport, Instant Rapport Technique. Creating Rapport Hooks
8) 4 step process…Absorb Attention, Bypass their Critical Thinking, Activate Unconscious Response, Lead them to the Outcome
9) Dealing directly with the unconscious mind – Getting to the unconscious mind because all learning all behaviour, all change happens unconsciously.

Hypnosis for Self Confidence and Positive Thinking

Self confidence is a state of mind. It is a way of thinking that brings conviction to our conversations and security to our smiles. The power of self confidence is magnetising. With a confident air you can have an entire room listening to you speak. Even if your topic isn’t particularly captivating, YOU can be.

3 Day course


1) History
2) Definitions – What Hypnosis is and what it’s not, How to Hypnotize
3) Strategies and Techniques/ Focusing on your goal
4) Inductions The Best Hypnotic Induction, Self-Hypnosis/Deepening Trance
5) Post Hypnotic Suggestions/Embedded Commands/Analogue Marking
6) Self Esteem and Hypnosis
7) (Film) D Bear
8) Exercise for creating Instant Rapport

NLP (The Art and Science of Excellence)

This Course will teach you some of the Fundamental Models, Skills and Tools that make up some of NLP’s extensive body of knowledge. The course emphasises Interactive experiential learning so that the NLP principles and procedures may be easily understood. NLP studies Brilliance and quality.

What You Will Learn

  • Gain the vital edge to make you a more powerful communicator
  • Master your own emotions so that you can handle all eventualities easily
  • Enhance your personal relationships
  • Develop “instant confidence” and motivate yourself and others
  • Use language with greater precision and elegance
  • Discover your true potential
  • Create better and more satisfying emotional relationships

5 Day Course


1) Introduction…History, Content v Process, Patterns. Fundamentals of
2) Basics…Eye Patterns, Accessing Positive States, Anchors
3) Benefits…Sales, Health, Sports
4) NLP Model (VAKOG) Filters, Deletion, Distortion and Generalization, Values, Beliefs. How we communicate to ourselves and others
5) 6 Basic Principles…Rapport, Outcome, Feedback, Flexibility, Presupposition and You
6) NLP presuppositions (13) Form the Philosophy of all the NLP Models and Distinctions and Techniques
7) Modelling Excellence (Strategies of Genius)
8) The 6 Elements of Rapport
9) The 4 Steps to Accessing Positive States

Personal Productivity Workshop

This ‘hands -on’ practical workshop will show you strategies and systems to help you become more effective and efficient in your professional and personal life. You will feel more in control and have a more positive sense of well being.

1 day course


Session 1: Organise Yourself & Your Working Environment
Understand yourself and the psychological effects of being disorganised
Set up simple strategies and systems for organising yourself and your working environment

Session 2: Prioritise Effectively & Efficiently
Learn ways to deal with procrastination and focus on tasks
How to take the stress out of deadlines
Develop a system for capturing everything you need to do

Session 3: Planning to Achieve and Setting Goals
Effectively plan and set priorities for your short and long-term goals
Create an effective Weekly and Review Plan
Plan your time to keep you focused and make you more effective

Session 4: Keeping Focused and Staying on Track
Identify and manage your biggest time wasters
Be more assertive and learn to say ‘No’
Sharpen up your delegation skills

Session 5: Managing your Email
Learn effective systems and strategies to gain control of your Inbox

Session 6: Create your personal action plan and outcomes
Delegates are asked to bring their own diary, outstanding actions and details of future activities, so that they can apply the techniques throughout the training day and implement the planning upon leaving the Workshop.


– Pre-workshop telephone discussion with each delegate
– Pre and Post workshop Personal Productivity Skills Assessment
– Weekly 15 minute follow-up sessions by phone for one month


You will:
– discover effective ways to organise your work environment
– be able to focus on key tasks and be more efficient
– understand the value of creating a weekly plan and setting SMART goals
– manage interruptions & procrastinate less
– learn systems and strategies to manage your email
– work smarter with less stress, feel more in control and more motivated

Powerful and Effective Communication Skills

2 day course

Managers will leave the programme with a higher awareness of their own strengths and development areas in communicating with others, and with practical ideas to raise their levels of effectiveness to meet the challenges presented in today’s workplace.

Course Objectives:

  • Participants identify the situations relevant to them which require high levels of interpersonal skills, and recognise how effective their current responses are.
  • Practical strategies are found to change, enhance or develop ways of communicating to achieve desired results.
  • Delegates understand and know how to use assertive behaviours, and have practice in using assertiveness to communicate with confidence and influence.
  • Strategies are offered to deal effectively with difficult, angry or challenging people.
  • Participants have practice in motivating staff by means of positive feedback, constructive criticism, effective coaching and running group meetings.
  • Each manager leaves with a personal plan of action to enhance his or her effectiveness in communication on returning to work.

Powerful Telephone Skills
That will increase customer retention and boost your profits

The most common method of communication in any company is the telephone. A mistake often made by companies is to allow members of staff to use it without essential training.

Many people think ‘How hard is it to use a telephone?’, and the answer is ‘It isn’t hard at all’. What’s hard is projecting the right image. The first telephone call made to a customer allows them to form an impression of the whole organisation, which is why it is imperative that staff who use the telephone are able to do so in the best way possible, sounding professional, friendly and competent at all times!

We all know that when we meet someone for the first time, we instantly decide whether we like them or not. Customers do the same. How they are handled in their call to you will help them decide if they want to use you as a supplier or not. First impressions count!

This course will teach delegates to project the right image, handle difficult calls and be confident when using the telephone.

Summary of Programme:

  • Defining roles and purposes
  • Skills for professional telephone users
    • Projecting and maintaining the right image
    • Qualities for success
    • How you can use assertiveness
    • Simple steps
  • Using positive language
  • Dealing with angry and awkward callers
  • Practice in the skills

Any member of staff who uses the telephone would benefit from attending this course.

Release the confident you

In a safe and fun environment you will learn how to improve the way you value yourself and present yourself to others. You’ll see how to release the confidence within you.


  • The starting point
  • Reasons to be confident
  • The value of “you”
  • The transition
  • What’s next?
  • Learn how to increase your energy levels – fitness and food
  • Dealing with stress
  • The networking strategy – learn how to network confidently
  • Goals and action plans
  • Celebrate!

Releasing stress with NLP

Stress is an interpretation of an event or circumstance that is understood to be a threat. This course focuses on how you can reduce stress and be more effective.

1 Day Course

You learn how to:

  • Identify the main causes of stress in your daily life
  • Identify the 3 Stages of Stress
  • Understand the difference between Negative Stress and Positive Stress
  • How to Minimise Negative Stress
  • Tools and Techniques for dealing with Stress
  • Learn Coping Strategies
  • Powerful Ways to Alleviate Stress

Topics Covered include the following:

  • Meditation
  • Positive self talk
  • Exercise
  • Reframing
  • Talisman Effect

Stress Management

This course focuses on how you can improve your personal effectiveness, reduce stress and obtain a more satisfying balance between work and home.

You learn how to:

  • Develop an awareness of how your current performance is affected by stress
  • Become more effective and productive at work whilst feeling less stressed
  • Learn how to improve the way you react to difficulties by thinking in a new and more effective way
  • Consider what is important in your life and how that awareness could change your attitude in a positive way
  • Enhance awareness of the importance of good interpersonal relationships

Telephone Techniques

A good basic course that ensures your staff enhance your company’s image by using professional telephone techniques. The course focuses on the ways in which all staff can gain and retain the interest of current and potential customers when on the telephone, and deal with any difficulties which may arise.

You learn how to:-

  • Use the telephone professionally and effectively
  • Be confident with every call
  • Develop effective methods of dealing with customers and their enquiries
  • Effectively deal with difficult customers and complaints
  • Build relationships with customers

Time Management

An excellent one-day course for all busy employees who need to balance their workloads, gain more control of time and improve performance.

You learn how to:-

  • Save time and work more efficiently
  • Plan your day and prioritise your workload
  • Get the tools and techniques you need to enhance your performance