Collaborative Communication – Appraisals

Collaborative Communication in the Workplace: Appraisals – Getting the Show on the Road

Course objective

To maximise the impact on business outcomes of effective workplace appraisals

Course outline

An observed scenario demonstrating the importance of effective communication
An activity highlighting the key importance of appraisals for businesses
Refresher on the impact of listening with professional care in appraisals
Questionnaire to demonstrate the importance of prioritisation to achieve business goals
Practice in overcoming negativity in appraisals
Tips to help appraisees set out limits
Exercise to apply the importance of self- care in the appraisal process


Participants will:

Understand the key importance of appraisals for the business
Appreciate the positive and negative potential of communication methods for appraisal
Increase awareness of the need for prioritisation in the appraisal process
Assimilate ways of tackling negativity in appraisees
Gain confidence in setting out boundaries for appraisees
Benefit from practical application of the importance of self-care