Presenting Yourself

small_nelson_mandela_education_worldUnder-selling yourself and your company?

First impressions count. Great impressions last forever.

The difference between winning or not winning business is usually you.

Maximise your personal impact and make a great impression.

Whatever your need – motivating staff, making a client sales pitch or presenting your idea to the board – you have to win the audience over.

How do you do that?

You have probably seen presentations that left you unimpressed and others that had a big impact on you.

What made the difference?

In both our public courses and private coaching we specialise in giving you the tools, techniques and confidence to become a great public speaker and presenter. To ensure you will win the audience over. Time and time again.
You may have a specific project such as a major sales presentation to do to a VIP client or a presentation at the AGM or just want to up-skill generally. Whatever your need – we can help.
Our program is designed to work on a ‘one-to-one’ coaching basis or in small groups. We also run public courses in Intermediary and Advanced Communication and Presentation Skills.
All courses and coaches assume some prior experience (but not necessarily training) of presenting to groups and audiences.
The Intermediary Course ensures that all the core skills are present to ensure every presentation will be highly effective.
The Advanced Skills takes it to the next level and gives you the skills, techniques and confidence to present to larger audiences or board rooms where a higher level of performance is expected.
Our ‘one-on-one’ coaching and in-house courses can be totally customised to meet specific needs and can cover all areas. We do not ‘sheep-dip’ everyone equally. Our courses and coaching programs are designed to be challenging and informative. They use video recording for playback and analysis.
The courses are usually delivered in ½ day modules. If a specific area needs addressing, more time can be devoted to that area on an agreed as-needed basis.
We always start with an assessment. A 5 minute presentation is given by an individual or each person on the course. These are video recorded and using a 22 point check list feedback is provided identifying both strong and weak areas. This assessment forms the basis of the course development or coaching delivery.
Group sessions are limited to 3 people per half day to allow maximum personal time. If 4 to 6 people are in a session it is increased to a full day.
All clients will leave with a personal checklist on areas to address.
After 60 days a ‘face-to-face’ consultation will be held to ensure the learning has been put into practice. 1 to 1 executive coaching programs are fully tailored to each individual and will use follow-up consultation and support as required and agreed.
Prices start at £500 per half day.

Topics Covered:

Area Intermediate Advanced 1 to 1
Learning skills audit
Communication style audit
Message structure
Personal image audit
Initial and final impressions – intro/sign-off
Language patterns
Key and Trigger words
Building audience rapport
Influence skills
Using props
Interaction – open and closed questions
Interacting with the laptop/screen
Working the space
Interacting with the laptop/screen
Pausing and pacing
Non verbal language
Mixing and matching styles
Handling questions and objections
Pre-selling the audience
Music & location – personal & audience impact
Media presentations – TV and radio (in studio)
LENGTH 2 x ½ days ½ day 2 x ½ days
COST £1000 £500 £1000
Plus £50 extra per delegate per session
For more information or to book one of our ‘Executive Mentoring’ experiences,
please call Karyn Buck on 01865 598 180 or complete our contact form here.