Director Mentoring

small_john_c_crosby_mentoring_pushThe Learning Ladder meets the Corporate Ladder!

Nobody is good at everything! – But we never stop learning, provided we expose ourselves to the right (teachers, lessons, environment, expertise).

‘Alliances take three forms: service alliances, opportunist alliances and stakeholder alliances. The first, a service alliance, is where two or more organisations form a cross company consortium to undertake a special project with a limited life span. Such alliances are usually considered when the resources of the various partners are insufficient to allow them to undertake the project by themselves. For this reason, many such alliances involve research and development projects. Ford and General Motors collaborating on research into the development of new materials for making cars is an example of this. This approach allows organisations to mobilise resources, often on a large scale, whilst limiting their exposure and protecting their independence. It is the limited purpose of the consortium which makes it possible even for competitors to join together for mutual benefit’

Burnes, B (1992) Managing Change, Pitman Publishing

We strongly recommend this programme to all of those seeking to improve their personal, boardroom and directional skills, so that they may lead their businesses on to even greater success.

The following modules can be selected and tailored to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss a tailored programme just for you, including timescales and prices.

Directing your Business:

The role of Company Director
Covers the role, responsibilities and duties of a director, and contains a comprehensive and up to date review of the laws affecting directors.

Getting the best from the Board
Helps you review the operations of your board to make it work more effectively.

Finance for Non-Financial Directors
Equips you with a sound, basic knowledge of company accounting, financial language and concepts, and relevant financial tools and techniques.

Strategic Business Direction
Reviews the issues and processes involved in successful strategic leadership, and therefore cover the formulation, organisation and the implementation of strategic planning.

Developing your Business:

Effective Marketing Strategies
Equips you with a sound basic knowledge of how marketing strategies can be created, implemented and controlled to deliver customer satisfaction and to improve your company’s marketing performance.

People mean Business
Helps you to create and manage human resource policies and practices to improve business performance.

Improving Business Performance
Helps you to analyse the performance of your business and understand the determining factors in improving its performance.

The Board’s Role in Organising for Tomorrow
Reviews current approaches to organisational structures and processes. We help you review your own organisation and shape your responses to the challenges presented by a rapidly changing business environment.

Business Trouble shooter:

If you have a particular issue or issues, then we can help. (Two heads are nearly always better than one, – especially if one is a proven expert!).